July 2019

25th - 2:00pm
OASIS Time - drop in to Church between 2pm - 3.30pm Tea and chat

All welcome to this monthly drop-in, held in St Paul's Church, in a lovely safe space. Come in for as long or as short a time as you want; tea or coffee; cake or biscuits; chat or sit and read or listen; do a Word Search or play a board game. Invite friends and neighbours along.

August 2019

3rd - 10:00am
Ladies Breakfast group 10-noon at The Vicarage

All ladies welcome to come along at 10am until noon at the Vicarage. Bacon, if wanted, or toast and usually some fruit. Plus coffee and tea's. Time to talk, time to listen. A valuable time of fellowship with some prayer and a Biblical topic.  Let Val know if you would like to come along. Tel 314117

4th - 10:30am
10.30am Eucharist-visiting speaker is a Chaplain with the Railway Mission

Colin Fraser, a Railway Mission Chaplain is the speaker at the service today. The Railway Mission is one of the 12 or more charities that St Paul's gives donations to.  We are planning to have some lunch together in church after the service. Details tbc

13th - 9:30am
Annual COACH TRIP to Hunstanton leaving at 9.30am

All welcome to book up for our coach trip to Hunstanton.

The sooner the better - just contact Val on 314117.

Usually leave from Hunstanton about 4.15pm.  £8 each  if we fill the coach. Possible slight reduction for children if we have a full coach.

27th - 2:00pm
2pm OASIS drop in afternoon - all welcome

Call into OASIS from 2pm - finishes about 3.30pm. Come along to the church for a time of chat over a cup of tea or coffee; in the lovely space of St Paul's. All ages welcome. Invite friends.

September 2019

22nd - 10:30am
HARVEST SUNDAY and end of Harvest Mission beginning 19th

From the 19th Sept (Thurs) to Harvest Sunday the 22nd we will be having a 6 person team of evangelists from Through Faith to help us make contact with the community in New England through visiting and various events.  Details to be confirmed.


October 2019

19th - 7:30pm
The Wandering Minstrels sing Gilbert & Sullivan in concert at St Paul's

A welcome return from The Wandering Minstrels whose superb singing & acting  brings the songs and music of Gilbert & Sullivan to life.

This Anniversary Concert is not only a fundraiser but is also in memory of Harry and Gwen Hurst as their son, Tim Hurst-Brown, is one of the singers. We are planning that this Concert launches an Organ Fund for a new organ dedicated to this couple who were so dedicated in their work and ministry at St Paul's for many, many years. Book the date - Sat 19 October 2019  and let us know how many tickets you will need.  Tickets cost £10.

Interval of 20mins.


20th - 10:30am
10.30am Eucharist-visiting speaker is Simon Lissak, a Messianic Jew

Simon is a speaker from 'Chosen People'....Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.   Orthodox Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament.