March 2019

21st - 2:00pm
OASIS Drop In- all welcome in church from 2pm - 3.30pm

Come along to enjoy chatting over a cup of tea or coffee with cake and biscuits. Very relaxed. A safe space to be. Held monthly in the church.

24th - 4:00pm
4pm T@4 Service in Church - ideal for those with young children

T@4 is the monthly service that is very relaxed and is ideal for all ages but especially if you have young children.

Crafts, Wordsearch, colouring, dvd clip, bubble prayers, short reflection on a bible story. At 5pm we have some food.


Those who enquire for christenings (baptism) or couples wanting to be married in St Paul's and have young children,  are encouraged to try and come to this monthly time of 'church'

April 2019

4th - 12:00am
Final day for Church Electoral Forms to be returned

2019 is the year that all C of E churches have to do a totally new Church electoral Roll. On March 3rd we had the Forms available to fill in and the last date is 4th April.  No more new names can go on until after the APCM on 28 April and then they have to be put before the new PCC when they have their meetings. The forms have on the them information about who is eligible to be on the Roll. We would stress it is for those who are able to worship here  regularly and contribute through prayer & giving and serving unless prevented from doing so through illness or other valid reason. The Roll numbers have to be sent to the Diocese and the national church as a true record of our worshipping congregation.


14th - 10:30am
PALM SUNDAY Eucharist at 10.30am begins with a Procession with Palms

The service begins with the Blessing of the Palms and walking outside (weather permitting) as a witness to the community. Come along and join in.

This marks the beginning of Holy Week. Services every day.

18th - 5:00pm
Maundy Thursday INVITATION to TEA at 5pm
  2. We are planning a light meal in church to which guests can be invited. Start from 5pm with food followed by a guest speaker sharing about 'His story'. Finish approx just after 7 pm.
  3. No charge but there will be a basket out for donations.  All are welcome. Please let Val Watkinson on 314117 know if you would like to come along or there will be a list in church to sign.
19th - 12:00am

As part of our Easter Mission we are having

An INVITATION to Breakfast with a speaker .

9.15am in church for the MEN....

9.15am at The Vicarage  for the LADIES.

Finish about 11.15am.


 To book in just email Val on valwatkinson@yahoo.com



19th - 1:30pm
1.30 Good Friday WALK OF WITNESS around the Triangle prior to 2pm service

Walk of Witness around the Triangle that St Paul's is on and at 2pm our GOOD FRIDAY 'STATIONS OF THE CROSS' service. A hymn and bible reading with short reflection at each of the plaques on the walls that take us on the journey Jesus had to the Cross &  crucifixion. At 3pm all invited to stand 'under the cross' at the entrance  to  the Sanctuary and to have Prayers for Healing.


After the prayers there is tea/coffee and hot cross buns.

19th - 7:30pm
Good Friday INVITATION TO SUPPER - in homes

Using homes of church members there will be 3 or so locations to meet for a chat over a meal and to hear from one of the mission team members.


Numbers limited at each home and so let us know if you are interested.  Ring the Vicarage on 314117.

20th - 7:30pm
7.30pm Easter Sat INVITATION TO SUPPER + speaker

Invites will be given out by Host Homes to join them for a supper and hear from a mission team member about his story with Jesus. Ring The Vicarage on 314117 if you would like to know more.

21st - 10:30am
Easter Sunday INVITATION TO RECEIVE at 10.30am Eucharist with the Mission Team

Easter Sunday is a very special time - celebrating our Risen Lord Jesus. Come along to our Eucharist Service - as we rejoice on this special day to remember the resurrection of Jesus. During the service one of the mission team members will be the speaker & an invite will be offered to help you draw closer to Jesus, perhaps for the first time for you or maybe a second or third time - Jesus doesn't count, He just opens his arms wide to receive you.


21st - 2:00pm
Easter Sunday - St Paul's open 2-4pm See the flowers, teas & cake

An INVITATION to tea and cake while visiting St Paul's to see the Easter flowers and enjoy the beauty of the church and to chat to church members.


25th - 2:00pm
St Paul's OASIS TIME Drop In..2pm to 3.30pm in church

All welcome to come along to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and cake and biscuits chatting to others. Very relaxed and peaceful as we meet in church, but lots of laughter. Come and try it - mostly older people with lots to talk about!

May 2019

26th - 3:00pm
150th Anniversary Celebration - come along to this special service

Bishop John is the speaker as we celebrate that on 28th May 1869 St Paul's was consecrated and opened in this new parish of New England. We hope many old as well as new people to the parish will come to share in this special time. Details early in 2019.

If you have got connections (births, marriages, confirmation, baptism, funerals, etc) with St Paul's we especially would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

28th - 2:00pm
A special Anniversary OASIS Time, in church from 2pm

150years ago in 1869  on this day at noon, St Paul's was consecrated as the parish Church of New England. Prior to Oasis today we plan to meet in church for 12 noon to give thanks for the Consecration day. All will be welcome & afterwards a light lunch in church.

June 2019

16th - 10:30am
10.30am Eucharist with visiting speaker, Claire Carlin, a Prison Chaplain

August 2019

4th - 10:30am
10.30am Eucharist-visiting speaker is a Chaplain with the Railway Mission

Colin Fraser, a Railway Mission Chaplain is the speaker at the service today. The Railway Mission is one of the 12 or more charities that St Paul's gives donations to.

13th - 9:30am
Annual COACH TRIP to Hunstanton leaving at 9.30am

All welcome to book up for our coach trip to Hunstanton.

The sooner the better - just contact Val on 314117.

Usually leave from Hunstanton about 4.15pm.  Usually about £8 each if we fill the coach we may be able to reduce the price for children.

October 2019

19th - 7:30pm
The Wandering Minstrels sing Gilbert & Sullivan in concert at St Paul's

A welcome return from The Wandering Minstrels whose superb singing & acting  brings the songs and music of Gilbert & Sullivan to life.

This Anniversary Concert is not only a fundraiser but is also in memory of Harry and Gwen Hurst as their son, Tim Hurst-Brown, is one of the singers. We are planning that this Concert launches an Organ Fund for a new organ dedicated to this couple who were so dedicated in their work and ministry at St Paul's for many, many years. Book the date - Sat 19 October 2019  and let us know how many tickets you will need. Details of cost of ticket tbc


20th - 10:30am
10.30am Eucharist-visiting speaker is Simon Lissak, a Messianic Jew

Simon is a speaker from 'Chosen People'....Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.   Orthodox Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament.