Blessings of hope and peace for 2020


Every Sunday there is a new Notice Sheet done with details of the week's events; current news; Theme of the Sermon and the readings; forward events, etc. To have the weekly News Sheet Sheet  sent by email to you on Saturdays  contact 


In May 2018 new legislation from the Government came into force called GDPR relating to Data Protection. In order to comply we need to ask everyone to fill in a Consent Form giving permission for us to hold their contact details which will then allow us to either email, write or contact them with information from the Church Office. Details from Val.

Click on the attached date and it will bring up the notice sheet.     Use our Link page to visit AcrossPeterborough web site giving local Christian events, etc.  See the Diary page for all the services and events coming up.


Would you like to know more about the Christian faith? who Jesus is ? What He did and why ?  Tel 01733 314117 to speak to Rev Ron or Val.  You may like to know more about the ALPHA group we have on a regular basis to help enquirers or prefer to chat with us on a one to one. Just get in contact. We use an ALPHA dvd for each session to listen to and then discuss in a relaxed informal way. You are welcome to come along to a session and see what you think. We have just begun one on Weds from 2-4pm. Contact us if you would like to come.  We can also do a Word 1-1 over a coffee or cup of tea - interested ?


 The Eucharist:  The invitation to receive the Bread and Wine is given to all that are baptised (christened) into a Christian Church.  If you are not baptised you are welcome to receive a Prayer of Blessing (just take a service booklet with you when you are invited to go forward to the front so that Rev Ron will know how to pray)

nb: If, for medical reasons you are not able to have wine but need non-alcoholic wine, or a gluten-free wafer please let us know prior to the service.

 All are welcome.

 See Notice Sheet & Diary page for forthcoming events.


  St Paul's 1869 Wedding, Funeral and Baptism Registers available to see+ other registers and memorabila & photographs.