Daily Prayers

On the following days, please pray for:-

November 2017

19th -
Help us to be thankful on this St Paul's Thanksgiving Sunday
20th -
Give thanks to all who have got involved in Operation Christmas Child
21st -
Pray for all who live in St Paul's Rd & Keeton Rd incl Fulbridge Academy
22nd -
Remind us Lord to read your word to us in the Bible
23rd -
Praying for more people at OASIS Time this afternoon
24th -
Thank you for strength through receiving the Eucharist bread & wine
25th -
Pray for all young children you know
26th -
Bless all coming to the 10.30am eucharist & 'T@4' today
27th -
Pray for the gift or skill you have to be used for God's purposes
28th -
Pray for those who work at The Foodbank, Nightshelter & Soup Kitchen
29th -
Pray for all lwho work in the Utility companies
30th -
Pray for the Harlelquin's Pantomime rehearsals to go well


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O Lord, Hear My Prayer

O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
When I call answer me
O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
Come and listen to me

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