Daily Prayers

On the following days, please pray for:-

May 2021

17th -
Please pray for our new PCC following our Annual Parochial Church Meeting yesterday.
18th -
Pray for all we know suffering the loss of a loved one
19th -
Praise God for all who are moving, in faith, towards ordination / Christian ministry
20th -
Pray for the Alcoholics Anonomyous groups in the Peterborough area
21st -
Pray for good communication skills between one another at home, at work, at church.
22nd -
Pray for all who foster or adopt children that they are supported in this ministry
23rd -
Rejoice on this Pentecost Sunday and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you.
24th -
Thank God for the work of His Holy Spirit in our lives
25th -
Pray for all who are suffering from Covid or other illnesses
26th -
Pray for all who live in your street or road
27th -
Pray for all who have lost their jobs due to Covid & Lockdown
28th -
Give thanks for good neighbours and try to be one yourself
29th -
Ask God to help you make wise decisions in your life choices
30th -
Praise Father, Son & Holy Spirit on this Trinity Sunday
31st -
Ask God to show you what He has for you to do

June 2021

1st -
Pray that St Paul's QUIET DAY today will be supported & people visit the church


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O Lord, Hear My Prayer

O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
When I call answer me
O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
Come and listen to me

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