Daily Prayers

On the following days, please pray for:-

April 2018

25th -
Give thanks for all with April birthdays (Marian Wales is 90 on 26th)
26th -
Pray for all who will turn up to OASIS Drop In today
27th -
Pray for Archdeacon Gordon Steele and his ministry
28th -
Pray for the preparations for our AGM tomorrow and also for the Lunch
29th -
Pray for a positive AGM thanking God for His mercy and love
30th -
Pray for Peterborough and protection from those planning evil

May 2018

1st -
Give thanks for the new PCC as they meet tonight for prayer
2nd -
Pray God will supply the people with specific skills needed here
3rd -
Pray that the Church north roof repair work goes well
4th -
Help us to witness to others of God's amazing love
5th -
Pray that the SHED group today draws more men to Jesus
6th -
Pray that the Rogation Sunday Walk and Pray goes well
7th -
Praise God for times of relaxation
8th -
Pray for each of our PCC members
9th -
Pray for wisdom for what will be planned for 2019 events
10th -
Pray for residents of Kipling and Boswell Court, off Chaucer Road
11th -
Give thanks for those who regularly give lifts by car
12th -
Pray for strength from God when we feel weak.
13th -
Pray for our Eucharist today being led by Canon Rev Brockhouse


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O Lord, Hear My Prayer

O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
When I call answer me
O Lord, hear my prayer
O Lord, hear my prayer
Come and listen to me

© 1982 Ateliers et Presses de Taize